MECO Power, Inc

MECO Power, Inc.

The little electrical contractor that can!


Lets face it most of us don’t think about our electrical systems until:

  • We can’t make toast at the same time we’re using the microwave.
  • We try to have a new appliance installed and the plug doesn’t fit into the outlet.
  • The lights don’t go on or flicker uncontrollably.
  • We start having “brown-outs” or a breaker keeps tripping.
  • We plug in a new window AC unit and it trips the breaker.
  • We get tired of changing fuses and want circuit breakers.
  • We try to install a ceiling fan — just like they do so easily on those DIY shows — and there are only 2 wires in the ceiling, they’re both black and they’re covered in cloth that keeps breaking off.
  • The HVAC guy says we need a circuit for the newly installed central AC condenser.
  • None of our 3-prong cords fit into the wall outlets.
  • We decide to re-do the kitchen or another room in the house.
  • We want to hang up a flat screen TV and we don’t want to look at the cords hanging down the wall.
  • We decide to renovate or add an addition on to our home.

The electrical system in your home is complex, needs change, tastes change and we can help make the changes you need. Your home is your biggest investment and you want it done right, with as little mess and destruction as possible. We understand this and we are pros at updating your home in aesthetically pleasing ways.