MECO Power, Inc

MECO Power, Inc.

The little electrical contractor that can!


Over the last 28 years we’ve done a myriad of work throughout the entire Chicagoland area.  Here’s a brief list:

  • correcting Code violations,
  • installing fixtures, recessed cans, ceiling fans, switches, dimming systems, security lighting and receptacles,
  • adding circuits and redistributing electrical loads,
  • changing fuse boxes to circuit breaker panels,
  • electrical service upgrades and new metering systems,
  • installing solar panels and wind turbines,
  • replacing old wire, including knob and tube,
  • installing and repairing low-voltage, phone, intercom and cable systems,
  • installing motors and 3-phase systems,
  • installing emergency services as well as emergency lighting and battery back-up systems.

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