MECO Power, Inc

MECO Power, Inc.

The little electrical contractor that can!

Billing & Estimating

For Service Calls and Time & Material work we bill as follows:

We charge a minimum service charge which is DUE at the time of service.

$125.50/1 man crew OR $217.50/2 man crew

The nature of the work to be done determines the number of electricians sent to the job. The minimum service charge covers the first ½ hour of work including travel/setup.

You may pay the minimum service charge by check or debit/credit card.  Visa/MC/AMEX/Discover/PayPal accepted

Any additional time and material will be billed after our crew returns to the office & turns in their Work Report. (See Time & Material Terms below) You will be given a copy of that Work Report before our crew leaves so you will have a record for your files.


Estimates are time and material estimates and are typically based on one site visit, photos and our Project Manager’s initial evaluation. Our first step is to set the parameters for the scope of work based on what we could determine based on visual inspection, and provide a time and material estimate for this initial phase of work. Often, this first phase takes care of everything for our customers, so no further estimates are required. If we do find any other electrical issues (such as overloaded circuits, or circuits connected to the wrong apartment panel, Code violations etc), we will provide a second estimate to correct everything we discovered.

If you have a set of plans, then we can provide a detailed estimate based on the plans and a site inspection.

Our existing customers have learned to appreciate our step-by-step approach, since this way they know they are only paying for work that actually needs to be done, rather than paying a contractor an inflated amount to cover any problems that they might/might not encounter once they start the job.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Time & Material Terms

Time charge for cases where one electrician can safely complete the specified work is invoiced at $125.50 for the first ½ hour of work including travel/setup, plus $95.00/hour after the first ½ hour plus installed material cost. The invoiced amount is determined by time and installed material expenses incurred each work day/trip and any out of pocket expenses such as parking, permit fees and the like.

Time charge for cases where two electricians are required to safely complete the specified work is invoiced at @$217.50 for the first ½ hour of working including travel/setup, plus $95.00/hr for the lead electrician and $75/hr for each additional crew after the first ½ hour (installed material and out of pocket expenses are invoiced same as above).

Returned payments will be assessed a $35.00 fee to cover bank charges & processing fees. 1.5% service charge per month on balances due past 30 days. Customer pays costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees.