MECO Power, Inc

MECO Power, Inc.

The little electrical contractor that can!


We started out with just 3 employees and a small office set up in the 2nd bedroom of the owner’s apartment.  We had a used van and all the tools and materials had to be lugged inside every night and back out in the morning since we had to park the van on the street. The office was “fully equipped” with a desk, file cabinet, answering machine, adding machine and manual typewriter. We thought we’d made it when we were able to purchase an electric typewriter with a correction key and get pagers for our employees. Our days started at 5 a.m. and didn’t end until the paperwork was done — usually around 9 p.m. Imagine our joy when we joined the computer age with the purchase of a Vendex computer, a stack of 5 1/4″ floppy disks and managed to get mobile phones!

In the first 5 years we “expanded” to take over an entire 1 bedroom apartment, hire a full-time office person and had a secure garage, complete with an alarm system, to park our brand-spanking-new cargo van in.

We’ve grown since then, but never so big as to be too big for our britches. We don’t have fancy slick offices because we know that’s not what makes this business.  What makes us the “little electrical contractor that can” is our people, their expertise and our dedication to our customers.  We’ve served over 3,000 customers in the last 28 years, 90% of them have used us repeatedly. We are grateful to all of them, and happy to call a great many of them dear friends.